SDB Metal-Polymer

Address:4 Fedyuninsky St., 246007  Gomel, Belarus
: +375 (232) 68 35 16 (director); 68 33 17 (reception)
Fax: +375 (232) 68 36 01
e-mail: mpolimer@yandex.ru

Republican unitary enterprise special design and technological bureau “METALLOPOLIMER” 
was created in 1968 with the purpose of development and commercialization of the equipment for processing polymeric materials. In 2000 the Bureau was registered as a Republican unitary enterprise “Special design and technological bureau “Metallopolimer” The DB “Metallopolimer” is a basic enterprise in NASB that develops the techniques and equipment for manufacture of polymeric and composite goods. Its staff – 95, including 40 engineers and technicians.

The DB “Metallopolimer” engineering and scientific potential is a base of successful work in the spheres of science, resource-saving, ecologically safe technologies. The equipment produced at the DB stands on a par with foreign analogues. It employs machining processes, powder painting technique, assembling, injection molding and plastics extrusion.


New technologies have been developed for obtaining fibrous- porous components from polymer materials employed in mechanical engineering, melioration, chemical industry, metallurgy of non-ferrous metals. The main developments are:

  • Polymer filtering elements of FEP brand for fine cleaning of oil used in lubricating systems of diesel locomotive engines;
  • Production equipment for fibrous-porous materials and goods from thermoplastic polymers.

The equipment developed at the DB “Metallopolimer” for mass production of polymer parts can be purchased on contractual base:

  • Hose film aggregate RPA for hose film extrusion from granulated high-density polyethylene;
  • Vertical molding machines PL-71, VLM-93 for manufacturing articles from the noplastic materials

The activities of the design bureau are also connected with the machinery and processes of recycling polymer waste. Its proposes:

  • Equipment for recycling polymer waste, including washing, grinding, drying, agglomeration machines for industrial PE and PETF films;
  • Universal rotor grinders IUR-200 and I-902 for grinding plastic, fabric and leather waste, veneer, chipwood;
  • Rotor grinders IR001.350 for preliminary crushing of PETF pallets aimed at compact storage or transporting to processing sites;
  • Washing unit SM 200.132 for washing secondary polymer raw material including in hot solvents to remove glue and paper traces;
  • Drier SU-22 for drying polymer materials and secondary raw stock;
  • Agglomerates A021, A031 for grinding polymer waste to produce an agglomerate fit for processing in screw extruders and molding machines;
  • Strand granulators GS 070, GS 090 for manufacture of cylindrical granules from ground waste of thermoplastic polymers;
  • Rotor fiber shredders VIRM-0.3L, VIRM-1,8 for metered cutting of all types of natural and synthetic fibers either tangled or in braids, fabric, glass cloth, stockinet, felt, leather;
  • Process line LT076 for production of pipes from secondary polyethylene.

Alexey V. Kupreev

Director of RUP DB “Metallopolimer”, PhD