Department № 5 "Technology of polymer composites"

Sector  5.1 “Technology and processing of polymer composite materials”
Sector  5.2 “Reaction extrusion”
Sector  5.3 “Interfasial phenomena in polymer composites”

Staff  - 29, including Corresponding Member of the NASB - 1; D.Sc. – 2, Ph.D. - 5.


  • Foundations of chemical technology and materials science of polymer composites;
  • Interfacial phenomena at formation and operation of polymer materials and their products
  • Physicochemical structure and properties of thermoplastic polymer materials;;
  • Foundations and technology of functionalized polymers, copolymer olefins and their blends;
  • Physico-chemistry and mechanics of contact interaction, service life prediction of constructions and tribojoints


  • Technology of engineering plastics based on thermoplastics, including glass-reinforced ones, fireproof, blended, polymer-polymer, filled composites and etc.;
  • Manufacturing and processing technology of polymer materials (reaction extrusion, extrusion- molding and other);
  • Additives to polymer composite materials; antipyrine agents, compatibilizers, impact viscosity modifiers, adhesives, etc.;
  • Concentrates of nano- and hybrid fillers;
  • Composite materials based on polytetrafluoroethylene for friction units and seals.


  • Analysis of chemical composition, physico-chemical structure and properties of polymer materials
  • Development of computing procedures and software for computer-aded design of composite components and molding facilities for their manufacture


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Stepan S. Pesetskii

Head of department: : D.Sc., Professor, Laureate of the Premium of Lenin's Komsoml in science and engineering, Premium of Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Тel.: +375 (232) 34 06 38


Vasiliy N. Koval

Head of Sector 5.1.: Ph.D.
Тel.: +375 (232) 34 05 72


Yuri M. Krivoguz

Head of Sector 5.2.: Ph.D, associate professor, Laureate of the Premium of Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Тel.: +375 (232) 34 06 38


Vladimir N. Aderikha

Head of Sector 5.3.: Ph.D., associate professor
Тel.: +375 (232) 34 05 72