V.A. Belyi Metal-Polymer Research Institute

Department № 4 "Friction, lubrication and operating proof of materials"

Laboratory 4.1 “Triboanalysis”
Laboratory 4.2 “Environmental, irradiation and wear resistance of materials”
Laboratory 4.3 “Tribophysics of lubricants”

Staff  - 20, including Academician - 1, D.Sc. – 2, Ph.D. - 5.


  • Friction, wear and lubrication, mechanics of discrete friction contact;
  • Contact adhesion and intermolecular interaction of tribosurfaces;
  • Morphology of friction surfaces and wear particles in triboanalysis problems;
  • Ageing of polymer materials under ionizing radiation;
  • Cavitation, erosion and hydroabrasive wear of materials in moving streams of liquids (oil, water, corrosive liquids);
  • Tribophysics of liquid crystals and lubricating materials on their base.


  • Tribotesting methods, certification of metal-polymer friction pairs, lubricants and coolants;
  • Methods for on-line diagnostics of lubricated friction joints, condition monitoring of lubricants, morphological analysis of wear debris and friction surface;
  • Condition monitoring of interfacial and friction surfaces  (optical, electronic and atomic-force microscopy);
  • Stability prediction of physical-mechanical properties of polymer composite under environmental effects.


  • Tribotesting of polymer composites (Standards  ISO/DIS 7148-2);
  • Friction and wear investigations of materials and coatings (ball-on-plate, conformal block on ring, cylinder-plate and pin-on-disk tests);
  • Surface investigations by optical, electron and atomic-force microscopy;
  • Testing of lubricants, coolants and additives, estimation of antiscoring properties;
  • Environmental, physical-mechanical and electrical properties of polymer materials, paint and lacquer coatings;
  • Prediction of properties of  polymer materials and coatings in different operating climatic conditions;
  • Estimation of quality and operating characteristics of filters systems.


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Head of department: academician of NAS B, D. Sc., Prof.
Тel.: +375 (232) 77 46 46


Aleksey V. Kupreev

Head of laboratory 4.1 “Triboanalysis”, Ph.D.
Тel.: +375 (232) 77 46 35


Vladimir P. Selkin

Head of laboratory 4.2 “Environmental, irradiation and wear resistance of materials” Ph.D.,
Тel.: +375 (232) 77 46 34


Sergey F. Ermakov

Head of laboratory 4.3 “Tribophysics of lubricants”, D. Sc., Prof.
Тel.: +375 (232) 77 46 39