V.A. Belyi Metal-Polymer Research Institute

Department № 3 "Frictional materials science"

Sector 3.1 “Vibroacoustics of materials and friction units”
Staff - 14, including Ph.D. – 4.


  • Frictional materials science, methods of monitoring structure of composite materials and shaping processes of items;
  • modeling of vibration-absorbing structures of composite materials for triboconjunctions; investigation of vibroacoustic phenomena at nonstationary conditions of friction;
  • modeling of heat generation at nonstationary friction, development of numerical methods for determining the temperature fields in the frictional interaction of solids in the oil environment;
  • Modeling of laminated sound-absorbing structures; development of sound-absorbing materials based on native components.


  • eco-friendly heat-resistant friction material for stationary and nonstationary friction;
  • materials and technologies for recovering volumetric surface defects of metal parts, technological equipment and pipelines;
  • optimization of techniques of noise and vibration absorbing materials used in engineering and construction;
  • thermal design of brakes and friction units.


  • acoustic tests of sound-absorbing and sound-insulation materials (experimental determination of the acoustic characteristics of sound-absorbing media; selection of antinoise materials and structures, setting them on the subject considering the noise spectrum and characteristics of sound field);
  • vibration tests and diagnostics (determination of the storage modulus and loss factor of sound and vibration absorbing materials by resonant amplitudes, the vibration strength test of products; vibrodiagnostics of parts and machinery by noncontact Laser Doppler Vibrometry);
  • measurement of noise using sound intensimeter (noise measurement, sound intensity, sound power level sources, identification of noise sources, definition of acoustic performance of buildings and rooms).

The department has been accredited for engineering completeness and independence in vibration and acoustic measurements in accordance to ISO/IEC 17025 (Accreditation certificate №BY/112


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Vladimir P. Sergienko

ead of Department: Ph.D., associate professor
Tel.: +375 (232) 34 05 91


Sergey N. Bucharov

Head of sector 3.1. “Vibroacoustics of materials and friction units”, Ph.D.
Tel.: +375 (232) 34 05 89