V.A. Belyi Metal-Polymer Research Institute

Department № 2 "Physics and mechanics of composite systems"

Laboratory 2.1 "Mechanics of composites and biopolymers"

Staff - 23, including Corresponding Member of the NASB - 1; D.Sc. – 1, Ph.D. - 7


  • Interaction of laser radiation and polymers in vacuum;
  • Properties of high-temperature plasma in a medium of complex organic compounds;
  • Formation regularities of thin polymer films;
  • Physics and mechanics of metal-polymer contact;
  • Mesomechanics and composites simulation;
  • The principles of creation of adaptive materials;
  • Biomechanics.


  • Laser technology and equipment of PTFE processing, PTFE-based composites;
  • Technology of polymer coatings with specific properties;
  • Plasma-chemical technology and equipment for obtaining nanocoatings on fibers;
  • Methods of investigation and computation of strength of technical and medical polymer hardware.


  • Static and dynamic  testing of polymer materials (State Standard, ASTM, DIN) for tension, compression, bending, contact, indentation, rheological properties; 
  • Analysis of static strength and stress-strain behavior of products obtained from polymer composites;
  • Development of software for strength and hydrodynamic computatios.


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Leonid F. Ivanov

Head of department: Ph.D
Tel.: +375 (232) 34 06 24


Anatoliy M. Krasovskiy

Scientific consultant of the department. D.Sc., Professor


Sergei V. Shilko

Head of laboratory: Ph.D., associate professor, Laureate of the Prize of Academician V.A. Koptyug
Tel.: +375 (232) 34 06 31