V.A. Belyi Metal-Polymer Research Institute

Belarussian Republican Center of Probe Microscopy

Center of Probe Microscopy has been attested by the Expert Council on the development of the logistical support of NASB.

Tel: +375 (232) 34 06 27 
Fax: +375 (232) 34 17 11

The main fields of activities of the Belarussian Republican Center of Probe Microscopy (CPM) are the measurements of sample surfaces using scanning probe microscopy

Main trends of activities

  • study of customer’s samples by scanning probe microscopy using available unique instruments;
  • rendering the possibility of using highly efficient equipment for probe microscopy to researchers and research teams;
  • methodical support of measurements using scanning probe microscopes;
  • adoption of modern and advanced methods of scanning probe microscopy.

Methods used

  • Contact regime: topography, friction force;
  • Dynamic regime: topography, phase contrast;
  • Spectroscopy of surface forces


  • Atomic-force microscope Solver R47 N. 
  • Scanning electron microscope VEGA II LSH with ED microanalysis system  INCA ENERGY 250 ADD.
  • X-ray diffractometer  GNR APD 2000 PRO;
  • Secondary-ion mass spectrometer МС–7201;
  • Optical microscope Olympus TH4-200;
  • Optical interferometric profilometer OIP-08;
  • Microhardness tester PMT-3М.
  • FT-IR Spectrometer NICOLET 5700 FT-IR.
  • Laser Doppler vibrometer OMETRON VH-1000D. 
  • Controlled environment chamber ETS.

Our Address

Republic of Belarus,
32a Kirov Street, Gomel
Tel:+375 (232) 34 17 12;
Fax: +375 (232) 34 17 11